researchintospeed is hardware techno

Techno-House-Elektro: performed live on hardware synthesizers & drum machines. researchintospeed is the solo electronic work of Craig Black, from Te Papaioea Palmerston North, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Following shows in Germany and Japan in 2018, researchintospeed returned to Japan in May 2019. Performing 12 shows from Sapporo to Fukuoka, across the central Kansai region and city of the future - Tokyo. This tour road tested material that made up the late 2019 release “I See A Lion”, a follow up to 2018’s “I’ve Felt Nothing and Everything”.

2020 delivered its challenge and a number of lock down live streams culminated in the release of the “Anode” and “Singular” digital singles and videos in September and October. Late 2021 will hear reworked versions of the singles from 2020, an e.p of brand new material and live shows in your home town. 

researchintospeed loves the dance floor and its diverse peoples. You will find researchintospeed curating cross genre shows, dropping their own brand of four on the floor alongside an inclusive community at DIY spaces, galleries and warehouses, projector mapping visuals for their or others music, and performing around the country and overseas.


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researchintospeed : technical

When possible: Performance occurs on the floor, in front of the stage. If the performance is on the stage, please supply two monitor speakers.

The set up is simple :) Sound is in stereo from the researchintospeed mixer. Please make it stereo (pan hard left and right) at the house system

Please supply:
Two (2 x) strong keyboard stands.
Two (2 x) direct input (Countryman/Radial) boxes.
One (1 x) power socket (100 - 240 V ok).

Lighting: At the start of the set please dim the lights Follow the vibe of the music for the rest of the performance Have fun and make it a party! :


digital singles